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An affordable hand-held laser for R&D that is battery powered with programmable wavelengths to allow for easy use. This device makes laser treatment simple and effective.


  • Hand-held & portable

  • Battery-powered

  • 2+ watts of laser power

  • High dynamic power range

  • Fully programmable

  • Online datebase tools

  • Available in many wavelengths

    • 808 nm

    • 905 nm

    • 980 nm

    • 1064 nm

    • 1270 nm

    • 1310 nm

    • 1450 nm

    • 1550 nm

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Veralase LLC was formed in 2014 to develop cost-effective portable lasers for medical research and development.


At approximately 1/10th the price of standard medical and industrial lasers, Veralase systems enable widespread adoption within most any modest clinical budget. Portability and low cost allow for broad field deployment and frequent subject utilization that is not possible with traditional lasers.




  • Surgery R&D

  • Dental care R&D

  • Light/tissue interactions

  • Drug activation R&D

  • Drug development

  • Biological specimen treatment

Key Features

Veralase enables reseachers to optimize treatment efficacy, safety and comfort.


Veralase hand-held laser provides different wavelenghts, including 808, 905, 980, 1064, 1270, 1310, 1450, 1550nm. The optical power output can be programmed from 50 mW to 2+ watts.


Safety sensor integrated into Veralase aperture can be programmed to require tissue contact for laser operation. 

Get the Optical Spot You Want

Set the spot size you want and power to get the brightness and engery for optimal results.


Programming Interface

Veralase server records the experimental data, and tracks of device usage for easy management of data by subject, experiment, and clinician. Field deployment with active synchronization permits precise subject compliance monitoring in near real-time.

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Laser Aperture 

Safety Sensor 

Trigger Button

Subscription Status

Program Selection

Power Button

Battery Level

USB Connector

Remote Trigger Connector



Your VERALASE is well prepared for your research, perfectly set for your researching needs.

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